About Ben-Nevis.com

The Ben

This site is dedicated to the king of Scottish mountains - Ben Nevis.


Ben-nevis.com has recently undergone some significant upgrades and restructuring work in order to better equip the site for today's generations of mobile, tablet and internet browsers.

It is hoped that these changes will be an improvement and no issues are encountered by anyone using the site.

As well as improvements to the way the site responds to mobile and desktop browsers there have been some additional information pages added that we hope will result in an improved experience for users as the information contained in these pages will be much more readily available.

Worth a mention here is the inclusion of a 'Credits Gallery' for proper attribution of the images used on the site under Creative Commons license. Unfortunately, due to some restrictions in how the site is now structured it has not always been possible to give the proper attribution next to or linked from the image (as it should be). Hopefully you will agree that the very prominent 'Credits Gallery' is a good compromise.

However, should one of your images have been used on the site but you do not feel this is suitable way to give attribution and would like your image removed, please get in touch. (If you can only find your image in the credits gallery but nowhere else then it was probably included there because it was a great photo but it wasn't possible to use it elsewhere on the site. )