Wishing Stone Walk

Glen Nevis Wishing Stone Walk

Parking is available at the Visitor Center. It is well signposted.

The Wishing Stone Walk is a short one at approx. 3.25 km (2 miles). Time you should allow for this walk is around 1 hour.

From the Visitor Center

Turn left on leaving the visitor centre car park. Cross the road and walk to the end of the field. Turn onto the path signposted "West Highland Way". Continue up this path. Pass the old graveyard on the right and carry on into the forest until you reach the forestry road. Turn right and then continue on past the "Braveheart" car park until you meet the Glen Nevis road. Turn right and continue along the pavement which will take you past the wishing stone and return you to the visitor center.

The Wishing Stone, known as Samuel's Stone (Clach MicShomhairle) and the Counsel Stone (Clach Chomhairle), has many legends associated with it. It was said that the Wishing Stone would answer questions asked by elders who consulted it at certain times of the year when it supposedly revolved. Nowadays, people hop round it three times and make a wish. Legend has it that if you can make the stone turn your wish is granted!

Did you know?
The Braveheart car park was built for and got its name from, the hollywood movie, Braveheart, when filming was done in Glen Nevis.
Wishing stone walk
Wishing Stone Walk - Map by Highland Council