Glen Nevis Riverside Path

Glen Nevis Riverside Path Walk

From the visitor centre, cross the river using the bridge at the far end of the car park. Follow the river upstream.

In the distance is the mountain Sgurr a'Mhaim, it's distinctive summit slopes of white scree can look like snow which often leads people to mistake it for Ben Nevis.

When you reach the bridge at the Youth Hostel you can choose which route you would prefer to return by.

Cross over and then continue along the pavement to your right until you reach the Glen Nevis Restaurant then follow the road up to the left until you meet with the forestry road which is behind the wooden houses.

Follow the forestry road to the right until you meet the junction for the peat track. Take the path to your right down through the wood, to meet with the road.

The visitor centre is across the road to your left.

Alternate Route

You could cross the stile and continue uphill following the steep path to meet the Ben Nevis footpath. At this point turn left and follow it back towards the visitor centre.

Glen Nevis Riverside Path
Glen Nevis Riverside Path Walk - Map by Highland Council